segunda-feira, 17 de novembro de 2008

Days of Fire

There's no more trains going that way
There's no more trains coming this way
You better make your way home, son
There's something going down in London

Well That ain't gonna stop me
So I step out the station and what do I see?
Traffic for days
Let me walk a bit and I'll see where it get me

Then it all went slow motion, everything slow motion
First came the flash of lights then the sound of explosion
And we're still in slow motion, we're still in slow motion

On these streets where I played
And these trains that I take, I saw fire
But now I've seen the city change in
Oh so many ways, since the days of fire
Since the days of fire

Now I'm on the train going that way
There were too many people coming this way
Delayed trains, delayed trains
Didn't plan for death on the subway

So I step out the station, brazilian name all over TV
Realization - I was on the next train - could 've been me

Then it all went slow motion, everything slow motion
First the flash of light then the rise of emotion
And I'm still in slow motion, I'm still in slow motion

One day going that way, one day going this way
Those summer days, that crazy phase
Like a jack-knifed car on the highway

Just two mad situations, fire on the news, fire on TV
A bus, a train station, the crossfire sights of destiny

Now it's all gone slow motion, everything slow motion
The lights gone out - I feel no more emotion
I'm all out of emotion, I'm out of emotion

Nitin Sawhney, Days Of Fire

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