domingo, 30 de maio de 2010

People Like Me

s it fair to say that I am stressing out
I'm stationed in Iraq and they won't let me out
My homeys said I was stupid for even joining
My counsoller said that my decision was disappointing
How she had good for good state colleges
and with my good grades it wouldn't have been a problem
but they don't understand the power of significance
more than brilliance and certainly more than dividends
and if you ask me now would i repeat it
Would i fight in a war i don't believe in
Well the answer is if not me where the cancer is
they been doing this before Jesus of Nazereth
and after all this time it is still deadly hazardous
and bush isn't really being all that inaccurate
When he says we're winning the war cos its staggering
but thats cos we're killing everybody that we see


Everybody gotta eat but everybody doesn't
which is why i want to tell you about my favourite cousin
he and I grew up where the sun shines
and we both partook with the gun crimes
and we both liked american rap rhymes
even though we didn't understand one line
if you remember my line of notes in my last album
I talked about a close call with a grenade
I think we both must have been about 7th grade
but dont panic we both survived without damage
but we developed a bond like we survived the titanic
but when the country became frantic
my mother tried to get us out, planned it
to the last detail except the plan got derailed
cos there wasn't enough money for the plane tickets
how bitter when my mother had to chose who to take with her
so my cousin got left in the war
and thats just hard to recall
but now i take refuge and prayer,
kinda like finding god in the phonebook
it came to me sounding kinda like something from a song hook, saying

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