domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

to all my friends

What you gonna be when you grow up?
I'm all grown up and still don't know what


I love this occupation, I got bosses across the nation
Validation is an understatement
And I don't really know how to take a vacation
My kind don't have any free time
I'm so distracted but everything's fine
I speak shine and I read signs
Appreciate your opinion, but this dream's mine
It's all love we're cool
But you don't tell a cowboy what to do

I was the ugly kid that didn't listen
Little big man, full of ambition based on imagination just like you
Daydreaming, thinking about the things I might do
I used to paint, draw, illustrate
Mom would facilitate, and it would feel OK
Seems like yesterday still plays a part
When I grow up, I wanted a job making art
Picture that, how many years old
Young enough to mix up love with career goals
But I was just this tall when they told me
That the world was mine, but the papers weren't signed


It's all love we're cool but you don't tell an astronaut
what to do

The turn tables stole my heart
Burnt the paintbrush, broke it apart
I miss it, I might revisit it
But I wasn't that good, I admit it
Maybe you can't tell but as I kid I wanted to be Melle Mel
And later as a teenager I wanted to be LL
Then I discovered weed and I wanted to be Del
And thank god eventually I found myself

It's funny when I bump into fools
I used to go to school with and they ask what I'm doing
Half of the time I wanna crack a lie
But f@#k it, I'm still a wannabe rapper guy hahaha

Yeah I guess that it seems that way
I get to see the world, and it's decent pay
As long as somebody wanna see us play
I wake up every morning and I seize the day
It's all love we're cool
But you don't tell the president what to do

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