terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2010

Choose life?

Choose life. Choose a job.
Choose a career, a family.
Choose a fucking big TV.
Choose washing machines,
cars, compact disc players.
Choose good health.
Low cholesterol
and dental insurance.
Choose mortgage repayments.
Choose a home.
Choose your friends.
Choose leisurewear
and matching luggage.
Choose a three-piece suite
on hire purchase.
Wondering who the fuck
you are on a Sunday morning.
Choose watching mind-numbing,
spirit-crushing game shows.
Stuffing fucking junk food
into your mouth.
'Choose rotting away
at the end,
'in a miserable home,
'nothing more
than an embarrassment
'to the brats you've spawned.
'Choose your future.
'Choose life.'
But why would I want
to do a thing like that?
I chose not to choose life.
I chose something else.
And the reasons?
There are no reasons.
Who needs reasons
when you've got heroin?


'Now I've justified this
to myself
'in all sorts of ways.
'It wasn't a big deal -
'just a minor betrayal.
'Or we'd outgrown each other,
'that sort of thing.
'But let's face it,
I ripped them off -
'my so-called mates.
'But Begbie, I couldn't
give a shit about him.
'And Sick Boy,
he'd have done the same to me,
'if he'd only
thought of it first.
'And Spud... Well, OK,
I felt sorry for Spud.
'He never hurt anybody.
'So why did I do it?
'I could offer a million
answers, all false.
'The truth is
that I'm a bad person.
'But that's gonna change.
'I'm going to change.
This is the last of that.
'Now I'm cleaning up, going
straight and choosing life.
'I'm looking forward to it.
'I'm gonna be just like you -
'the job, the family,
the fucking big television,
'the washing machine, the car,
the compact disc.
'Good health, low cholesterol,
'mortgage, starter home,
leisure wear, luggage,
'three-piece suite, DIY.
'Game shows,
junk food, children.
'Walks in the park,
nine to five,
'good at golf, washing
the car, choice of sweaters.
'Family Christmas, indexed
pension, tax exemption.
'Clearing the gutters,
getting by –
'looking ahead,
the day you die.'

Trainspotting (1996)
Danny Boyle

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Dalaiama disse...

Ja ha uns dez dias, acho, q nao vinha ca, tens montes de posts novos, citaçoes espectaculares, o teu blog continua sempre a abrir, curto mesmo a tua onda, e este e um dos meus filmes favoritos de todos os tempos!!!
Hehehe :D
Ja agora, BOM ANO! ;P

Madalena Virtuoso disse...

Bom ano! E obrigada! :)
acreditas que nunca tinha visto este filme? só vi na semana passada ou assim, também achei brutal!